Elettra Mallaby


Dati personali

Nome: Elettra Mallaby
Colore degli occhi: Azzurri
Colore dei capelli: Biondi
Altezza (cm): 172
Peso (Kg): 52
Taglia: 40
Scarpe: 38
Data di nascita: 01/12/1983
Luogo di nascita: Verona
Sesso: F
Residenza: Palu Vr

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SurnameDallimore Mallaby

Date of birth1 December 1983 

Place of birthVerona, Italy 

Residencevia Legnago 23, 37050 Palù (VR)

Addressvia Baccina 72, 00152 Rome

Phone+39 349 7711374 



Height1,72 m 


HairsAsh blonde.

LanguagesEnglish, Spanish.

SkillsBoxing, horse riding, climbing, photography.


Enpals Code1938967

Fiscal CodeDLLLTR83T41L781K

VAT Code04095010239



2014 Andron. Produces by Red New Line. Directed by Francesco Cinquemani.

2014Memories. Produced by Guinesia. Directed by Vincenzo Alfieri.

2014Grand Hotel. Produced by Cattleya, RAI Fiction. Directed by Luca Ribuoli.

2014Un passo dal cielo. Produced by Lux Vide, RAI Fiction. Directed by Monica Vullo.

2014TV commercial for Norton Antivirus. Produced by Person Films.

2013Don Matteo. Produced by Lux Vide. Directed by Jan Michelini.

2013Io sono nata viaggiando. Produced by GA&A Productions. Directed by Irish Braschi.

2013Il capitale umano. Produced by Indiana Production. Directed by Paolo Virzì.

2013Sole a catinelle. Produced by Taodue Film. Directed by Gennaro Nunziante.

2013TV commercial for Lines. Produced by Little Bull, Rome.

2013Music video Nessuno, Baustelle. Produced by Warner Bros. Directed by Daniele Natali.

2013TV commercial for Trenitalia. Produced by Filmaster. Directed by Dario Baldi.

2012TV commercial for Pubblicità Progresso for the elimination of violence against women?made for the Ministry of Equal Opportunities. Directed by Paolo Scarfò.

2012Works with Gigi Marzullo, reading in the TV program Sottovoce.

2012Starts collaborating with Fox & Gould Agency, by Candida Di Buonaventura.

2011RAI Movie, Maria di Nazareth. Role: angel. Directed by Giacomo Campiotti.

2011Music video by Ilaria Graziano e Francesco Forni. Directed by Davood Kheradmand.

2011Com’è bello far l’amore. Produced by Medusa Film. Directed by Fausto Brizzi.

2011Short cut 11:11. Directed by Davood Kheradmand.

2010RAI Movie, La donna che ritorna. Directed by Gianni Lepre.

2009TV commercial. Produced by Egypt Ministry of Tourism. The Colours of Egypt.

2008Short cut Emilia Galotti by Gotthold E. Lessing. Directed by Alessandro Berdini.




2014Performance. Rialto, Roma. Directed by Industria Indipendente.

2013Parabole. Quadrilatero, Torino Spiritualità Festival. Directed by Roberta Lena.

2013Losers. Short Theatre Festival, La Pelanda, Rome, Festival Castel dei Mondi, Andria e Teatro PIM Off, Milan. Directed by Tony Clifton Circus.

2013L’Orto delle Meraviglie. Invenzioni Botaniche, Botanical Garden, Parma.

2013Per Aspera ad Astra Festival. Castiglioncello del Trinoro. Directed by Roberta Lena.

2012Losers. Perdutamente Festival, Teatro India, Rome. Directed by Tony Clifton Circus.

2012Sonetti der corvaccio, Teatro Valle, Rome. Directed by Simona Senzacqua.

2012Laudate Hominem. Quadrilatero, Torino Spiritualità Festival. Directed by Roberta Lena.

2012Works with Apollo 11 Theatre, Rome.

2012Theatre laboratory for kids with Gian Marco di Lecce at the Teatro Angelo Mai.

2012Caracallas Total Show, show with actors and musicians. Directed by Armando Pirozzi.

2012Summer tour book L’uomo che visse due volte. Directed by Roberto Litta.

2012Libri Viventi, at the Teatro Angelo Mai, Rome. Directed by Giorgina Pilozzi.

2011Festival Linea 35, Rome, theatrical adaptation di 11:11. Directed by D. Kheradmand.

2010Bizarra by Rafael Spregelburd. Produced by Fattore K, Ubu Italian Award as best

foreign screenplay, Teatro Angelo Mai, Rome. Role: Mona Zucker, Lourdes.

Directed by Manuela Cherubini.

2011Prometeo Incatenato by Eschilo. Teatro Vascello, Rome. Role: Dione (Oceanid).

Directed by Alberto di Stasio.

2011Safari. Teatro Angelo Mai, Rome. Directed by Giorgina Pilozzi.

20111 Aloha from Caracallas, 2 Paura e delirio, 3 Me & the Devil. Teatro Angelo Mai, Rome

2011Theatre laboratory for kids at the Parole di Lulù Festival in Casale sul Treja, Rome.

2011Member of the theatre collective Bluemotion, founded in 2008 at Angelo Mai. Performers, actors and musicians melting together to create ephemeral shows based on individual creativity and visions about contemporary arts and life. Bluemotion’s works are a continuum of creations and debate among the members of the collective.

2011Assistant director for Sola, Teatro Angelo Mai. Directed by Giorgina Pilozzi.

2010Emilia Galotti by Gotthold E. Lessing. Produced by Neraonda. National debut at the Teatro India, Rome. Role: Emilia Galotti. Directed by Alessandro Berdini.




2014Theatre workshop with Giles Foreman. Spazio Mixo, Roma.

2014Theatre workshop with Doris Hicks. Spazio Mixo, Roma.

2013Permanent seminar with Stefania De Santis. Spazio Mixo, Rome.

2012Theatre workshop La perdita del personaggio with Manuela Cherubini and Luisa Merloni, Psicopompo Teatro, Teatro India, Rome.

2012Theatre workshop with La Perdita, Emmekappa Dance Company, Teatro India, Rome

2012Theatre workshop with Sticker with Fiorenza Menni, Teatrino Clandestino.

2011Theatre workshop with Chiara Lagani, Fanny & Alexander.

2011Theatre workshop with Accademia degli Artefatti.

2011Theatre workshop with Silvia Calderoli, Motus.

2011Theatre workshop with da Fiorenza Menni, Teatrino Clandestino.

2010Contemporary dance workshop with Loredana Parrella (Cie Twain) at the I.A.L.S.

2010Starts boxing at the Palestra Popolare San Lorenzo in Rome and Boxe Ursus in Milan.

2009Studies performance and acting with actor and theatre director Alberto di Stasio.

2008Studies contemporary dance with Fabio Ciccalè in Rome.

2008Graduates in Garden and landscape architecture, La Sapienza University, Rome.







2014Showroom Martin Margiela6, a\w 2014, Milan.

2013Lookbook for Femme Maison, Vienna.

2013Works for the photographic campaign of Massimo Serini, Rome.

2013Showroom Vivienne Westwood, Paris, S/S 2014.

2013Showroom Vivienne Westwood, Milan, S/S 2014.

2013Models for L'Oreal.

2013Models for Compagnia della Bellezza.

2013Showroom Martin Margiela6, a\w 2013, Milan.

2012Works with photographer Angelo Cricchi.

2012Lookbook for Shampalove, Rome.

2012Showroom Vivienne Westwood, S/S 2013, Milan.

2012Showroom Vivienne Westwood, A/W 2012, Paris.

2012Showroom Vivienne Westwood, A/W 2012, Milan.

2011Showroom Vivienne Westwood, S/S 2012, Paris.

2011Showroom Vivienne Westwood, S/S 2012, Milan.

2011Showroom Martin Margiela6, Milan.

2011Cover for Traveller Magazine, Edizioni Condè Nast.

2010Works for the Samsung campaign.

2009Works for the Envicon campaign.

2008Works for the C’Art Christmas campaign.

2008Works with photographer Peppe Tortora.

2008Works with photographer Maurizio Marcato.

2008Works with IED (Istituto Europeo del Design).

2008Lookbook for Le Tartarughe, Rome.

2008Models for Le Tartarughe, Rome.

2008Works with Luxury Magazine.

2007Works with photographer Mark Seliger for l’Uomo Vogue.

2007Works in the atelier of Barbara Boner.

2006Showroom Fendi, S/S 2006, Milan.

2006Works with photographer Susanna Ferrante.

2006Works with ICON Agency.

2005Music video by Biagio Antonacci.

2004Music video by Nadir.





2014? Stage photographer for Festuge, Odin Teatret, a documentary by Jacopo Quadri.

2013Official photographer for Premi Ubu 2013, Teatro Piccolo, Milan.

2013Stage photographer for Luca Ronconi, a documentary by Jacopo Quadri.

2013Photo for the poster of the music festival Hai paura del buio?, Turin, Milan and Rome.

2013Portraits musician Josef Van Wissem in New York for Vogue, Edizioni Condé Nast.

2013A photo included in the fundraising auction to help the making of Fotografia

Festival Internazionale di Roma, MACRO, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rome.

2013Official tour photographer for Novara Jazz goes to Ethiopia, Addis Abeba.

2013Sports photography (swimming, boxing, etc.) with Flavio Parente, Rome.

2013Stage photographer for Alessandro Mannarino.

2012Photos for the booklet of the cd Padania, by Afterhours.

2012Photos for the booklet of the cd Odio i Vivi, by Stefano Edda Rampoldi.

2012Stage photographer for Cie Twain Dance Company, by Loredana Parrella.

2011Solo show, Cie Twain Dance Company, Teatro Palladium, Rome.

2011Group show, Tanatosi del Sonno, Melepere Gallery, Verona.

2011Group show, FIAF, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Bibbiena.

2011Official tour photographer for Vinicio Capossela.

2011Photos for the booklet of the cd Marinai, profeti e balene, by Vinicio Capossela.

2011Photo for the poster of the tour Marinai, profeti e balene, by Vinicio Capossela.

2011Follows the work of the painter Cristiano Pintaldi, from his studio to his show?curated by Achille Bonito Oliva at the Biennale di Venezia.

2011Stage photographer for Cie Twain Dance Company, by Loredana Parrella.

2011Stage photographer for Afterhours.

2011Stage photographer for Mulatu Astatke.

2011Stage photographer for theatre director Pierpaolo Palladino.

2011Pictures at the art show curated by Daria Khan, Spazio Carbonesi, Bologna.

2011Pictures at the art show curated by Gian Maria Tosatti, Reload, Rome.

2011Sports photography (swimming, boxing, etc.) with Flavio Parente, Rome.

2011Works as a photographer with X-Press Agency, Rome.

2010Solo show, Vinocolo at Vinitaly, Verona.

2010Photos for the booklet of the cd Semper Biot by Stefano Edda Rampoldi.

2010Photos for the booklet of the cd Parlare con Anna by Mirko Mariani.

2010Photos for the booklet of the cd Solo Show by Vinicio Capossela.

2010Stage photographer for Cie Twain Dance Company, by Loredana Parrella.

2010Stage photographer for theatre show La Buona Novella by Roberta Lena.

2010Stage photographer for theatre director Pietro Bontempo.

2010Official stage photographer for Cairano 7x Festival, Caserta.

2009Solo show, Tubi S.p.A., Rieti.

2009Solo show, Cooperativa Azalea, Rome.

2009Group show, Formato 10x12, Fotografia - Festival Internazionale di Roma, Rome.

2009Group show, FuoriVinitaly, Verona.

2009Official stage photographer for Fabbricazioni Festival, Rieti.

2009Official stage photographer for Tra musica e Parole Festival, Verona.

2008Publishes book Centenario Bonomelli, for the centenary of tea company Bonomelli.

2008Group show, Boner Gallery, Ibiza.

2008Official tour photographer for Vinicio Capossela.

2007Photos for the booklet of the cd Sé per Tre by Le Sifflet Pubblic.

2007Starts documenting through photography the work of artist Gian Maria Tosatti.

2006Solo show ARE, Sottoriva, Verona.

2006Official tour photographer for Vinicio Capossela.

2006Photos for the booklet of the cd Ovunque Proteggi by Vinicio Capossela.

2006Starts documenting through photography people with mental disorder.


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